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Lighting Management System and Automation
This products and services will make the buildings more energy efficient and this will result in putting a stop to the energy wastage.

Lighting is a significant consumer of energy in commercial sector. It consumes up to 40% of total electricity in commercial building. Each year, more organizations implement lighting management as they recognize the benefit of power saving.

Products: Light Switch Sensors: Ultrasonic, PIR and Dual Sensors
CCTV Surveillance System with remote view
The CCTV System serves as a most effective medium to detect early Signs of danger and also provides you with the visual proof of a security breach.

Security is an aspect of concern for all to ensure protection of self and family members, property, offices and livestock etc. Use of security cameras is considered as the best way of deterring the criminals from causing harm to you or your property (even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your place), keeping away intruders and even for checking activities of your kids.

You must have seen security cameras installed at vital installations like business houses, malls, banks etc.

Products: Analogue Camera / IP camera / DVR
Burglar Alarm for Shop with Door, Glass and Shutter sensors
A smart way to safeguard one's home. Armed with one of the most sophisticated technologies and a user-friendly application, this device is a deterrent to any attempts of break-in to one's house. Backed by an emergency response service-iAlert 24x7, the Home Alarm System acts as your virtual security guard throughout the year keeping your worries at bay whether you are at home or away.

Benefits :
  • A tension-free mind
  • Wireless system - easy to install and easy to operate
  • Virtual security guard that does not sleep
  • Alerts in case of glass breakage and in case of a possibility of fire-outbreak even before its starts
  • Alarm generated is loud enough to be heard by the neighbors and the security guard
  • Built-in tamper sensor triggers an alarm if there's any attempt to tamper with the device
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm and Smoke detectors / Heat Sensors Fire Fighting and sprinklers
The Fire Alarm System detects and notifies early signs of fire even before it starts. It can help you reduce the risk of injury or death to employees and visitors as well as minimize damage to your property and disruption to your operations. Our 24 hour monitoring ensures that your business is watched over at all times, even during non-business hours.

Advanced Conventional Fire Alarm System is designed as per The Fire Protection Authority (NFPA) and is ideal for small to medium sized offices, residential complexes and buildings.
Access Controls with Attendance software
The Access Control System is a security device that gives inhibited and unparalleled protection to your premises. It helps to keep record of who enters and exits premises and also maintains time record with its automatic & systematic recording system enabled by its inbuilt software, which is accurate and reliable.

Biometric Access Control System - The Biometric Access Control System is a professional fingerprint access and time attendance control system. It uses fingerprint instead of card system for access. This can be widely used in confidential places for its easy installation and high security. It's the best choice for you today, to secure your life tomorrow.

Proximity Access Control System - The proximity access control system is widely used in office, factory, bank, etc. Supporting Master and Slave solution, it provides more confidential access control system, 50 kinds of time zone settings and 5 open door groups ensure you an absolute safety environment.
Bio Metric Finger Print Lock with Password
One of the most innovative and hassle free security device in recent times is the Fingerprint Lock .These stylized, keyless door locks are inbuilt with an exceptional sensor device that unlocks the door with a touch of your finger. Now, need not worry about losing your keys as these elegant looking locks are a perfect solution for saving one from the hassle of stolen/lost key or an unauthorized entry. Now the security of your home/office is literally in your hands or rather on your fingertips.

Benefits :
  • Optical Fingerprint sensor
  • Most modern way of opening the door without a key
  • No possibility of key duplication
  • High level of resistance to friction
  • Flip top protection
  • High durability
Modular Switches, Remote controls and Sensors
Full Home Automation and Stand alone Automation
Imagine that your home comes to life. The walls, throughout the home, are suddenly gifted with intelligence and watch over your daily well-being. Then imagine that you can control everything with a simple gesture, in a series of actions orchestrated exactly according to your wishes.

This impetus, capable of bringing life to your living space, is the flow of energies provided by the latest technology.

Simply this is a new way of seeing the world, which we invite you to share.
Automatic Source Change overcome Current Limiter
The ACCL allows unrestricted (metered) supply from mains. When the mains supply fails and stand by generator supply is on, it connects the power (generally unmetered) to each flat/office/shop in a sequence, and starts monitoring its load.

The generator current allotment is factory set and sealed in each ACCL as per buyer's specification and is available on all load circuits. Whenever the load current exceeds preset limit, the power is automatically switched off for 14 seconds necessitating the user to reduce the load to allotted power and then the set automatically restores it.

This repeats till over load exists and on resumption of mains power it again changes over automatically.

This is a fully automatic high precision system for efficient distribution of individually rationed generator power in an electrical installation of multi storied buildings, high rise apartments, group housing complexes and townships, residential and commercial buildings.

Products: Single Phase and Three Phase
Solar water heater
Hot water heated by the sun is used in many ways. While perhaps best known in a residential setting to provide domestic hot water, solar hot water also has industrial applications, e.g. to generate electricity. Designs suitable for hot climates can be much simpler and cheaper, and can be considered an appropriate Technology
Diesel operated Water heating system
AGNI Water Heating System is ECO Friendly which will give you saving in Energy/Fuel/Money/Time.

Though there are many options available, we will be providing a solution which will be convenient and effective.
Solar Fencing : Animal Fencing / High Security Fencing/ Security Fencing
Due to the changing scenario of security threats worldwide the time has come to think differently in protecting your family and properties. Solar Fencing Perimeter Protection is the modern day need to the growing security threat in denying, detecting while having the built capability to serve as deterrent.

The solar power fencing systems deter and detect attack. Attack is deterred through sending a regulated electric pulse around the fencing approximately every second. These pulses give a Short, but Safe Shock, making it impossible to climb the fence. The fence also detects attack, differentiating between serious breaches of the fence and disturbances caused by wildlife, birds or weather conditions.

The solar fencing systems are available in both the Multi-Zone and the Single-Zone ranges. These are available in standalone, retrofit or Wall-top systems
Video door Phones, Multi Apartment Systems & Intercom with Door unlock
The Video Door Phone which is aesthetically designed and elegant looking meets international standards of the quality and durability. It gives the unique luxury of peeking out of the front door from any room of the house and interacts with the visitor without opening the door. With its Vandal-proof body and simplicity of use, our Video Door Phone is bound to attract attention and admiration galore.

Benifits :
  • Enables you to view and interact with the visitor without opening the door
  • 2 - Way Communication
  • Clear Speaker system
  • More than one indoor monitor can be attached with outdoor camera
  • Insurance cover against theft, burglary with outdoor camera
Guard Patrolling System, Car Parking management, Visitor Pass Management
The Car Parking solution offered by Gunnebo can transform your parking facilities into business-building assets. When managed well, they produce significant revenues. This helps you offer differentiating parking solutions to employees, customers, and owners and deliver strong Return On Investment to property owners and investors.

Visitor Pass Management Systems (VPMS) is designed to promote the security of a community. This system may be used for gated communities and communities who place restrictions on visitors, vehicles, or parking. VPMS solution offered by Gunnebo, streamlines the flow of authorized visitors while keeping unauthorized intruders from gaining entry to a facility.
LED Lighting / Street Lighting / Solar Lighting
LEDís are incredibly long lasting, energy efficient, virtually unbreakable, versatile, directional and, most important of all, environmentally friendly, saving emissions of millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from use of incandescent bulbs which only convert about 5% of electrical energy to light, wasting the rest.
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